Dive in Corfu Training and Special Courses

Kontokali, Corfu

The Diving Experience

It’s a world of striking beauty, with strange and colorful creatures in a weightless seascape.  
An unfamiliar place where every visit is an adventure and discovery!

Divers are members of a special community, where they can meet new people and share the knowledge they gain.
Scuba will reveal new sites and new experiences, an up-close and personal encounter with marine life.

Scuba doesn’t end with entry-level certification. As you gain confidence, you will be able to take more advanced course work that enables you to explore new environments.

Take advantage of all the educational programs offered by our experienced tram.
You’ll discover something new about the underwater world and yourself every time you venture in!

Try Dive – Your first experience

Discover Scuba Diving – Beginners and Advance divers

Special Trainning Courses


  • full diving equipment rental
  • boat or car transport 
  • insurance


For certified divers we require a valid diving certificate from any recognized authority

We Love

Underwater Corfu

Unique Experience

Certified Personnel

Day and Evening dives

Begginners’ friendly

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