Flyboard στο “Corfu Ski Club” στο Κομμένο


Flyboard in Corfu!
Are you a fan of freestyle extreme water sports? If so, check out the flyboard.
The flyboard by Zapata Racing was created by Franky Zapata in France in 2011 and has become the fastest growing extreme water sport in the world.
The flyboard works on a water propulsion system. The flyboard is connected to the jetski by a hose redirecting the water-flow pressure to nozzles placed on either side of the board.
Using their weight, the rider directs the board right or left, up or down while the flyboard operator controls the speed.
Anyone can ride the flyboard after attending a 20 minute briefing about safety instructions. Get ready to experience the amazing sensations of rising high above the water and doing tricks. You can swim and dive like a dolphin and rise up to 15 metres high. Enjoy flyboard in Corfu, just book directly with us.

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