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History, art, culture, nature, gastronomy… Corfu has it all. There is no aspect of the utmost pleasure of beauty that is not exalted here. Discover the treasures of the island through our carefully selected tours and excursions. Whether you are a history junkie, foodie, religious enthusiast, or you would just love to add some knowledge to your walk around the historical center, in our list of tours you will find the perfect choice to make your stay even more meaningful and unforgettable.

Private Tours

Private tours for your eyes only. Customize your tour to the last detail to match…

Religion Tours

Make a pilgrimage to Corfu’s most sacred locations and feel the divinity unravel before your…

Heritage and Cultural tours

Ancient vibes in every step. Follow the path of local heroes and historical figures that…


Seize the waves and allow your eyes to feast on the soothing blue. Discover the…

Experiences & Tours

Get to know the beauty of Corfu and its traditional way of life.

we love

There is not one activity that would compliment your holiday that we cannot arrange. No matter what you are dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. Just make your wish and let us deal with the technicalities. Relax and enjoy your much needed pampering.


Choose what you resonate with the most from a wide list of activities for your…


Find your inner balance through handpicked sessions of meditation, fitness and relaxation. Enjoy a soothing…


Rejuvenate your body and allow your light to shine bright and illuminate the world.


Customized, private activities, carefully planned to match your style, needs and preferences. Whether you have…

Experiences, to meet all needs, those of the most adventurous souls and those of those who want to relax and rest.

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I had an Excellent day

The private tour we took was amazing, everything about Corfu  gave so much happiness to my heart. The nature of the island and the way it has been formed like that is so beautiful. The tour guide was so sweet and friendly, she explained everything we wanted to know. I love it and I would recommend this to all.

John Tailor 08/06/2019