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There is not one activity that would compliment your holiday that we cannot arrange. No matter what you are dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. Just make your wish and let us deal with the technicalities. Relax and enjoy your much needed pampering.

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Amazing activities, location & prices plus friendly staff

First point is that the people are really nice. The staff of the Noon island book for our our family different water experiences – parasailing, wakeboarding, mono-skiing etc. Second point is that the company they book with has really good teachers. My wife has been trying to improve her mono-skiing for a while, and has had various lessons at different places around the world. She said that this was by far the best instruction that she has received.
Finally, the boats are very good – powerful, jet driven specialist ski boats.
Prices are totally fair. Can’t really be improved.

Bianka 15/08/2020