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The tour

Kalypso Star is a specifically manufactured, trimaran cruise ship, with large undersea windows in its central hull, which offers a panoramic view of the ocean floor. The windows are built to guarantee maximum safety, constructed from aluminum and an unbreakable, transparent material and are also monitored by state-of-the-art safety instruments.

The ship carries out undersea cruises of one and a half hours duration, embarking from the OLD PORT. It follows a route that takes you behind and around the islet of Vidos, all the way to the other side of the Old Corfu town.
The ship’s capacity is 49 individuals. During the cruise, the passengers are able to enjoy the beauty of the ocean floor and the plethora of marine organisms that live in it, accompanied by imposing music.
While behind Vidos island, the ship makes a short stop while divers offer a unique show, swimming between the fish, feeding them and showing the passengers various species of the local undersea fauna, like starfish, octopuses, lobsters and more.

Moving on, the cruise takes us around the island, where a Serbian mausoleum lies. We sail close enough in order to admire the Old Fortress, with the church of St George. Finally, just before the return to the old port, we can admire the full view of the old town along with the Palace, The Kapodistrias mansion, Faliraki and the New Fortress.

Underwater Cruise

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