Dining with the Durrells at The White House


Fine Dining, taste the Durrells' way

Imagine a scene where Lawrence and Nancy sit at a wooden table on the rocks and enjoy freshly caught grilled fish along with simple village greens, picked from the hills just behind Kalami. Their feet are almost in the salty sea and the spray adds the final seasoning to their dinner. Romantic, isn’t it?
Well, this is exactly how your own dinner at The White House Restaurant could be. A single table right at the sea shore, white linen, the sun shining as if only for you and a 4-course menu focused on local fresh fish, like the Durrells loved so much.

  • Romantic scenery
  • Fine dining
  • Past era vibes


  • Transportation. It is possible to select either sea or land transfer
  • Delicious meal


  • Gratuites
  • Drinks not mentioned as included in the menu


Good mood and big appetite

We Love

Fine dining menu

By the sea



Luxury transportation

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