Dassia Ski Club Water Ski

Dassia, Corfu

Water Ski

King of summer sports! Water ski is so much more than a sport; it will set you free from all kinds of worries. Dassia Ski Club gives you the chance to enjoy yourself in the majestic waters of Dassia while practicing the absolute summer activity; water ski.

Body and spirit training!

Water ski doesn’t just exercise the body; it also provides training for the mind and soul. When water skiing in Corfu you are living an exclusive experience suitable for everyone and enriched by the natural beauty of Corfiot coasts. Water ski becomes real upon the waves, where the skier tries to keep the balance. Not just a physical balance but more of a balance between mind and body, which provides the skier with pleasure, satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment.
Suitable for every age!
Water ski exercises the whole body and it is easy to learn, with the help of expert and experienced coaches. It is ideal for our little friends too, since a child can begin taking lessons from the age of 6. Regardless of your level, training courses for beginners and advanced skiers are being offered so that you can learn the basics or improve your skills on new tricks with double skis, a single ski or barefoot. The training meets all safety standards and is offered by experienced coaches. Our boats are fully equipped with innovative technologies. The most suitable hours for practicing are mornings and afternoons after 6.

Age: All age groups

Recommended time for wakeboard is between 08:30 – 10:00 and 17:30 – 19:00

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